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Meet Our Team

Tim Bates

I have over 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry, and all those years serving in this community! I have obtained the designations of Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), & Chartered Life Underwriter (CLY).

What most excites you about work is to serve people in addressing risks that are otherwise not manageable.

I was born at Sherman Air Force Base in Wichita Falls where my father served. My parents soon moved the family to Starkville, MS where I grew up on my grandfather’s farm and later attended Miss. State Univ. in Starkville, receiving a B.S. degree in science.

I am a Christ-follower, so the timeless principles found in the Bible instruct and encourage me as I operate this business.

During weekends, I like spending time with my grandchildren, gardening, and a few other quiet pursuits. Guilty pleasure? I enjoy bee-keeping.

I am active in our local church, and our agency supports and volunteers at FamilyTime Crises Counseling Center, Atascocita Library, Lifeline Pregnancy Center and several other great local causes.

Loretta Schermock

I began my career with the Bates Insurance Agency in March 2001. What most excites me about my work is that I get to help people solve their problems. I love that!

I grew up in a town near Pittsburgh, PA but I have been a Texan for thirty years. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, and sewing. The items are donated to local hospitals and foreign ministries. Besides that, I could say that walking on the beach in Galveston is my favorite way to spend a weekend.

When it comes to giving back, I also belong to the Altar Society of St. Philip Church in Huffman. We are the behind the scene group keeping God’s house beautiful.

Robbie Barnett

I have been in the insurance industry since 1999. I love working with people by reviewing and uncovering their insurance needs and putting the correct protection in place.

I was born and raised in Liberty, TX. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially doing crafts with my grandchildren. I also look forward to traveling more with my husband, Donnie

During my free time, I enjoy working in my flower and vegetable gardens. Also, I’m good making homemade preserves, and I love to bake!

Patricia Haney

I’ve worked in insurance since 2007. I love helping people protect what they’ve worked very hard to obtain. The most satisfying part of my job is helping our customers understand the coverage and being equipped to choose the best options for their needs.

I grew up in the Houston area and graduated from Conroe High School. I am blessed with a wonderful husband of 38 years, two children and their families with five grandchildren.

Researching family history online is my latest hobby. It’s exciting to find a hand-written document or photo, and imagine what their day to day lives in a long-past chapter in history.

Interesting fact? My grandmother was a nurse, my mother is a retired RN, and my daughter is also an RN. I know a lot about illness and how to prevent it, so nutrition and natural supplements play a significant role in my life.

I love giving back, and that’s why I decided to become a member of Mims Baptist Church in Conroe.

Krystin Huff

I have been working in the insurance industry since 2009. I truly love being the person our customers can come to as an advisor for all of their insurance needs.

I was born in Anchorage, AK but I have spent most of my life in the great state of Texas.

I truly enjoy hanging out with my family and gardening. When I am not with my family or working, you can try to find me on my motorcycle or playing pool at one of my regular spots. Guilty pleasure? I sing a little!

I currently volunteer on a monthly basis at a local abuse shelter. I can also be found regularly participating in charity motorcycle runs.

Carolyn Martini

I’ve been in the insurance agency less than a year, and I can say I’ve learned a lot through these past few months. I’ve accomplished getting licensed within just a few months of getting hired, and I plan on filling up my brain with knowledge, so I can then transfer this over to our customers. What I find most exciting about work is that I get to expand my knowledge in the insurance world as this is something we use daily.

I grew up in the Great State of Texas. I really enjoy coming home, eating and relaxing after a long day of work. I like walking my dogs at the park; I like the beautiful days that Houston sometimes offers, and I love dancing.

I guess that sitting in front of the TV, watching a movie and stuffing my face with junk food is my guilty pleasure. Chocolate is my weakness!

Daisy Calderon

I have been in the Insurance business for over five years. Since I’ve been working with Bates Insurance Agency, I have learned a lot!

Working for Tim is a blessing. The girls I work with are also very friendly and treat you like family. I am blessed to be working here and being able to help the customers as much as I can.

I was born in Idaho but came to Texas when I was 10. I grew up in Texas City and moved to Huffman 2 years ago. I am fluent in Spanish as well.

I enjoy my children. I can go on and on about them. I am very family oriented, so I spend my weekends with the family. I also love the outdoors, rollercoasters, and volunteering at church.

William Anduiza

I am a Financial Professional for Insurance Services with 30 yrs of experience. My purpose and goal is to help our clients put together financial and retirement solutions while providing life insurance protection to primary income providers and their families.

As a Business Planner, I have had the pleasure of helping business owners put together retirement packages, succession planning, and benefits for employee retention. My goal is to help “companies fund” Buy-Sell Agreements so that they can continue to do business as usual in the event they had to replace a partner or fellow owner due to death, disability or retirement.

I am a husband, dad and have two beautiful grandchildren. My sweet wife Yolanda and I have been married for 38yrs, and I have been an active member of our church and community for more than 20yrs.

It is a privilege to be associated with the Bates Insurance Agency for over 18 yrs and enjoy working with Tim and the staff who really do care for our policyholders.